Charitable Remainder Unitrust

You may be concerned about the high cost of capital gains tax with the sale of an appreciated asset. Perhaps you recently sold property and are looking for a way to save on taxes this year and plan for retirement. A charitable remainder unitrust might offer the solutions you need!

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Chaminade Society

Fr. William Joseph Chaminade, a French Catholic priest along with his companions, Thérèse Charlotte de Lamourous and Sr. Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon survived persecution during the French Revolution and founded the Sodality of the Marianist Family.

Chaminade's concept of the Sodality with the support of his companions was to gather all Christians men and women, young and old, lay and clerical into a unique community of Christ's followers unafraid to be known as such, committed to living and sharing their faith, and dedicated to supporting one another in living the Gospel to the fullest. The enterprise was placed under the patronage and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary dedicated to sharing her mission of bringing Christ into the contemporary world.

In honor of Blessed Fr. Chaminade, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School established the Chaminade Society, recognizing individuals and families who have included STVM in their estate plans. In the future, those planned gifts will play a critical role in the growth of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, serving the needs of the hundreds of students who rely on scholarship and financial aid to fund their education. Members of the Chaminade Society are motivated by the Marianist mission in hopes of providing for the next generation of talented students.

Getting Started

The cornerstone of most estate plans is a well-written will. If you do not currently have a will, below is a list of reasons why you should consider one:

  • You, not the government, controls the destiny of your assets.
  • You select the executor who will oversee the distribution of assets.
  • You provide for family members, friends or relatives according to their needs.
  • You can provide support for charitable causes that have special meaning to you.

Whether you are considering making a will for the first time, or revising one, you should always consult your attorney as to the appropriate language that will meet your wishes.

Current Chaminade Society Members:

Marjorie Barr V57
Florence Baumgardner*
Arlene and James Bowen Sr.*
Eileen Deagan Burg V63
Marie E. Caliri V51*
Mary Christian V31*
John Dewitt V54*
Jane Eikleberry V48*
Mary E. Flynn V38*
Karen Frey V62
Bernard Gannon VM76*
Debra Henry Helmkamp V71 and William Helmkamp V71
Andrea DeBona Hillery VM85 and James Hillery VM85
Margaret T. Lynch V70*
Generose A. Marks V55*
Linda Abell Mattingly V57 and William Mattingly V56
Marilyn Resley May V41* and John D. May Sr. V34*
Mary Percoco- McDowell V39*
Lynn Metzger* and Edward Metzger V49
Patricia Keller Murphy V46* and John J. Murphy V45
Monica Neitz and John Neitz V59
Donetta Rett and Robert Rett V50
Leo Scalia V47
Rev. Thomas F. Sullivan V32*
Frank Walter VM79
Mary Ann Walter and Leo Walter III VM76
Mary Kay Walter and Leo Walter Jr. V50*
Sylvester F. Witt V33*

* Denotes Deceased